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Friday, July 30, 2010

Nick Names_ (Still trying to find 'The Real Me!')

 This is one of my early posts...

(...and I'm still searching for the Real Me!)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Nick Names

I was just thinking of all the names I've been called over the years...

WAIT!! I don't mean THOSE kind of names- just the fun - nicks that most of us pick up along this long road of life.

'JunieRose' is my most recent one. I used it posting to blogs here, awhile before I decided to open my own blog site! 'June', of course, is my real name (my middle name) and I added ROSE because I LOVE roses!

As a child my MOM called me 'JuneBug', not surprisingly! My little sister called me 'SISTY' for many years!

My Daddy had a hard time giving up the name they first used for me...'Laquita'...a name my Mom, with her romantic nature, found in a book she read! It was a name I HATED as a child. (because nobody else was named that...and besides- no one even knew how to pronounce it properly!) When I started school I insisted on being 'June!'

'Juniper'was given to me by an online friend over 3 years ago...(June was taken a little further- if you can follow the logic! :) ) I rather liked the sound so started using it as my SCREEN name! It has served me well! This same friend is BIG on nicks and now, mostly calls me Gator! (because I live in Florida) I have been
'Queen Juniper' or 'QJ' to some friends on a message board I visit - also 'JB' by one friend (short for June Bug) and - 'Kiddo' lol- Maybe this a putdown because of my ADVANCED YEARS! :)

Early in my marriage My husband called me many different names- 'LJ'(my initials)
'Mama Goose' (I hope not because he saw me as a SILLY goose- but just the MAMA of the house)... & 'MOSE GOOSE' - who knows why!!...and often just 'MAMA!'

In our family circle - grown kids - grandkids - sons-in-law even friends of our kids etc- and often by extended members of both sides of our family- I am 'Ginga' and my husband is 'Gabbo!'
These names were given to my husband and me by our first grandson! We wanted to be Granddaddy and Granny but our Dan decided for himself what he wanted to call us!
SO- of course, that is who we became. (for these past 20+ years)

I was 'Ginga,' online, too, for awhile....but have been 'Juniper' for the past 3 years! And now,'Junie Rose!' I feel comfortable with those names!

The family (grands ) these days, mostly call me 'Ging' and my husband'Gab!'

SO- if I sometimes seem confused in my ramblings here...

could it be that I am still searching for The Real Me?

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poem: The Spider And Me

A fact most of my lady friends find weird about me is this...
(lol-well, maybe among many other things)
...I am not afraid of spiders as a rule. I do not run screaming from them if I encounter them and even will try to remove them to the great outdoors if I find one in my house! I find spiders quite interesting to watch- outside. I am  especially  intrigued by their webs!

(...but not in my face, please!)



The Spider and Me

Today I did some gardening.
I snipped and groomed a bit.
Until I walked into her web…
and had to pause and sit!

Oh! Woe is me and double woe...
that yucky - sticky mess!
Untangling strands of spider silk…
not fun, as you might guess!

I didn’t let it do me in!
I’m stubborn - don’t you see?
And, by heck, I would not let
her get the best of me!

So with my garden hose in hand
I washed her web away.
And sent her scuttling up the tree,
where I truly hope she’ll stay!

If I encounter her again,
I hope, not in my face!
I hope she builds much higher up -
for her, a safer place!

Once to be enclosed in silk
is plenty… hope she knows!
Next time - I just might arm myself
with more than garden hose!

June Kellum
Sept. 2005

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Real Me??

Well, well - look at this!!

It was determined on Face Book that I am this Mythological creature!!


June Kellum ‎-HA! Is that the Real Me?

Results: Dryad
You Are A Dryad. A Dryad is not unlike a fairy, although dryads are said to be more in tune with nature. Dryads have been told to have many appearances, such as a human form with mossy green hair and pale skin. Dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the... term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general. Dryads are considered shy and quiet creatures, and blend in with their surrounding so as not to be seen by humans.


How'd they know that?

Oh! Must be the mossy, green hair and my hanging out under Oak trees!







Junie Rose


Adventures with Charlie in NC-2006

 Here I am re-posting parts of a trip  traveled with Charlie, in 2006-NC

LOL- OK-this was almost 4 years ago and I was already 'being silly,'and, hopefully,  it hasn't gotten any worse....maybe it's just the natural way of  'Junie Rose' and we need not worry!


Hope so!!



Sunday, October 29, 2006 

 (Starts in Boone, NC)


The Water Wheel

We returned to the motel and loaded our car. Our plan was to continue on to Banner Elk, which was less than 20 miles south of Boone. Our intention was to see as much of NC as possible and we had never actually been to the town of Banner Elk! We wanted to see what this little ski town was like!

So off we go, after taking another quick run through Boone! We saw a funny sight on the way out…a couple of joggers! (Young guys - students, I would guess) Their top parts were bundled up nicely but their legs were exposed to the weather! Charlie remarked that one of the guys legs were purple- tinted from the cold! … At that time, I couldn’t imagine anyone being that cold!

I was decked out in my little red hat and matching mittens…feeling cozy and fine; my brand new Nikes keeping my feet toasty-warm!

A little ways out from the main part of Boone we see something we just couldn’t pass by! Well, we passed it by but made a hasty U-turn to get an up close and personal look!
It was this!

On a previous trip we had stayed at this very motel and remembered seeing this ‘Water Wheel’ from that time. With the freezing cold weather and snow lightly falling, it was quite a sight and we knew we Must get some pictures of this!

The area around this wheel was well maintained with a board walkway that led to a mulched pathway around behind the wheel-for close-up views from all sides!
The water troth with running water feeding into the wheel had icicles up to 3 feet long, hanging down! I lightly touched one, and to my surprise, it came loose in my hand!

We walked down the path around behind the wheel! My, what a sight, with the ice clinging to every part of it-and snow still, gently, falling!

My husband got this picture of me with the water wheel behind me! (In my cute little hat!


…This next part I have been reluctant to tell-but I will try to tell it in a most humorous way…lest you feel sorry for me- or (God Forbid) think me (or even Charlie) stupid! ;)

Please keep in mind that this was all new stuff for us…all this ice and snow…wooly caps…mittens…freezing ponds…

OK…also –I am used to taking any suggestion my husband gives me - (or order???) especially in fun situations like this!

…After taking a couple pictures on the walkway he said, ”Stand on that corner and let me get you with the wheel directly behind you!”

I did! When my second foot touched the rock ledge... YES! - I was in the water!
(Neither of us had noticed that the ledge was iced over!)


I hit the water and went under! I’m sure I tried to grab onto the wooden part that held the wheel up…I know this from the bruises on my right arm and underarm…but I don’t know how I managed to bruise the left hip!
On reflection, I think it was a small miracle that I didn't hit the back of my head!

All I knew at the time is that I was DANG cold…and I was thinking,
“Oh my! Let me out of here before someone sees me!”

Although I went in over my head, the depth of the water was little more than waist high on me. Attempts by Charles to pull me out, failed! ...but I was able to get through the frame that held the wheel and walk up the incline and climb out!

…lol- and I bet you’re wondering if Charlie captured all this action with the camera…

At the time he was so scared- all he could do was to rush over to see if I was ok and try to help me get out!

He DID mention later that he should have got the picture of me falling…blogging material - don’t you know!! I told him I probably wouldn’t have taken too kindly to that!!

Luckily, we still had time to go back to our motel so I could get a hot shower and change clothes! (I felt sure the housekeepers there would not have cleaned the room yet -if ever- and I was right!)
I laughed all the way back at the utter absurdity of this icy fall into that pond!

I quickly shed the icy, wet clothes and got into the hottest water I could stand- just rinsing my hair! (Not bothering with shampoo or a creme rinse…a mistake!)
A hot shower never felt so good!

We went back by the Water Wheel...Charles had hopes of getting to my hat (with one of the long plow handles he had bought) but he was not able to get it! Here you see the poor frozen little thing- in it's watery grave!

…So we continued onward…



Saturday, February 03, 2007

( this was a visit a few months later to Sebring, Fl - a visit with  2 sisters and 2 nieces)

 ( part of my post:  )

~~I had fun talking with the girls. I had some pics from our trip to NC in October '06. They both read my blog and of course knew of my Icy Dip into the water wheel pond!
I told them another episode of the trip which they found funny!

... LOL-OK- Evie sorta-kinda DARED me to post that story here!
Uut-ohh! SOOO I guess I'll hafta do it!~~


7-23-'10 continued NC travels with Charlie...

...K- as I said before-after my fall into the pond I didn't take time to properly shampoo and creme rinse my hair (I was in such a hurry to get the heck out of Boone!) I realized my mistake as my hair dried . I found it completely unmanageable-flying every which way!

But by the end of our riding that day I was too tired to bother with my hair again- so said,"Forget it!"

The next day brought us to Sylva, NC...a very pretty place we had visited before. We looked around some- found a nice place for dinner-made some pictures.

We got back to the motel late...but I HAD to do my hair! I had brought along my foam curlers so started out with the job I knew had to be done!

The type hair I have, (much too long ) I have to curl it or I can't do a thing with it! If I just blow it dry it's just a fly-away mess!...Anyway- it was late and I knew it would take a long time to dry it, put up with the curlers...

Though, not the most comfortable thing to do I thought I could sleep with the foam curlers in place-and by morning it would be ready to take down! (and I would once again look beautiful! (hahaha)....That is- if I only had a sleep cap to put over the curlers to keep them in place! I didn't have one, of course!

This is what I decided to do! (Luckily for me, I pack a lot of extra stuff for trips!)

Well- what would YOU have done!!

Is this a new way of, "getting one's panties in a twist?" 



It worked!!  :)


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Short People


 OK- I'm thinking of my over-due annual check-up(s) which I can't put off much longer... (you know-all the things 'they' say we need to do to keep things running smoothly... reminds me of the endless  maintenance on an old beat-up jalopy to keep it going...) I'll have to put things off  'til  late August or September...after our  family reunion trip to Alabama. (in a couple weeks)

~But thinking on this brought this post to mind from a previous  visit to my doctor's office.~


Thursday, July 12, 2007

My world today...7-12-07

Today, first thing, I had to go to my doctor's office...just for some maintenance work- you understand! Had to give them a few vials of blood and a couple other samples of stuff!

I didn't mind all that much...except the part about having to wait for my morning coffee! (Also had to resist having a bowl of ice cream after midnight last night because, apparently, blood samples are no good unless you are deprived of food and coffee at least 12 hours prior to the blood-letting!) ;) But I'll do anything to uphold the rules and, so, keep the old bod going strong for a while longer!

Next will be the real degrading part... (Aug. 1st) when I have to go back so they can ask me to step on the scale (I swear it's rigged) and even measure my height!
Have they never seen a short lady before... or even a slightly chubby one!

Every year when I have to have my height exposed and discussed I am reminded of this song by Randy Newman! ;)

...Just so they don't tell me I have that 'Old Timer's' thingie developing, I'll not


Junie Rose 
PS-Although I Am short, let me assure you I am not the *Gnome Lady* in the gazing ball!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How do you like your eggs??


(OK....speaking of silly is one from last August!!)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spray cans

...and cooking eggs...

Oh, my goodness! Yer gonna LOL at this...maybe even ROTF!

Yer gonna say,"Poor Junie Rose - she's losing it!"

You might even jump to the conclusion that I'm getting old and senile! :)
(...but you'd be wrong , there!!!! haha!)


OK~ I have to say my day got off to a bit of a slippery start today.
Let me explain!

I was rushed this morning -knowing I had a whole lot of shopping to do- but I needed to eat a little breakfast before leaving. I thought a fried egg on toast would be just the thing!

I get my fry pan out and go through the routine of spraying lightly with cooking spray. I then put a pat of butter, also, in the center of the pan. (I love eggs fried in butter) I break my egg into the pan-and then break the yolk for the way I like my eggs! (cooked well done)

I quickly turn to the opposite side of the room where my toaster is and drop in one slice of bread!

Suddenly I smell this pleasant but unrecognizable scent...not at all like an egg frying in butter!

I check my egg and it looked like a normal egg starting to cook...but...WHAT the heck!!

Then it dawned on me what happened...and I was immediately laughing out loud at the absurdity of the whole thing!!

I had used this to spray into my fry pan! :) The back side was to not the side that boldly said, 'Pledge Wax!'

You see- I had used this to clean my counters last night- but neglected to put it away. It was sitting near the stove sooo...
(Could happen to anyone-RIGHT???)

Funny thing was-I believe that egg would have cooked right on in that spray Pledge wax! :) Smelled heavenly, too!

Don't worry, tho, I threw it out and started over in a fresh pan and with this!

Seeing the 2 cans together you can see they are of similar size...tho nothing alike in color or design!

....but-this was a new brand of cooking spray for me and I was not that familiar with the look of it....
( more excuses)
Oh, well!

(maybe the old girl is losing it!)

Junie Rose

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Big Mess!!

  Now if this ain't being silly I sure don't know what is!!!

I just spent the past couple hours trying to fix a  big mess  with my blogs  of my own doing and of which I don't know HOW exactly I messed up- Nor do I know HOW I finally fixed it!!

You see- what happened was like this... I have been getting some blog comments in what I took to be in Chinese ...and, of course, I couldn't read the language. I clicked on 'something' thinking it would convert the text to English so that I could read it! What it did- in fact- was change my template-and everything on my profile  to all Chinese!!! (well, I'm assuming it was that language- but how would I know!!!) 

Oh man!!  Try  figuring something out on a page with symbols that mean nothing to you!! What a headache that was!!

  I was this close "-" to deleting all 7 of my blogs and getting back to 'Real Life!'

How I was able to get back will remain a mystery to me-forevermore!! I could not retrace my steps if my life depended on it!!

 From now on, if I get comments in a language I can't read, I will just have to delete them (I do know how to do that!!) and never again make an attempt to convert to English! 

...Such is the life of Junie Rose!