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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~ The Saga of Junie Rose, The Gnome Lady and other Little Folk~


 ~ The Saga of Junie Rose, The Gnome Lady and other Little Folk~

(never ending??)



( From- May 18, 2006)

Gnome Lady 

While strolling through my rose garden yesterday I got a glimpse of this Gnome Lady . 
She was in my gazing ball and she had a camera!

I later found this perfect rose picture she had made for me! It's the McCartney rose!




More Evidence here...
The world through the eyes of Juniper Rose...

More evidence of Gnomes in my side yard!

I feel very lucky to have been able to capture these little
creatures in their relaxed moments!
Only due to my Great Skill as a photographer was I able to
get these candid shots! :) They DO move fast, you know! AND they are sooo small!

Junie Rose

 (From-June 19, 2007)

Last night we had a good, long, downpour of rain! I was happy because I knew it would be good for my garden!

Early this morning I went out to take a look at things! Yes! Everything looked bright and clean- if a bit soggy. I see also, there's a very real need for me and my clippers to team up! ( Hopefully, later today!)
Here are some pictures of my water drenched roses! You can see the clipping I need to do!


I also got a glimpse of the little Gnome Lady! You may remember her from my earlier encounter with her!
She seems to like spending time inside the gazing balls because that's where I saw her the previous time, too! Also, she seems to appreciate my roses . Both times she had a camera, taking pictures!

One might mistake her for a Fairy...except she has no wings; so I must assume she's a Gnome Lady!

Oh! I DO hope it's not the custom for little fairy ladies to be 'De-winged' for bad behavior- or some such thing! Not knowing a lot about these things I can't be sure! ...I would hate to think that my little lady in the garden is not upright and respectable...whether she be Gnome or Fairy girl!

What do you think?

(I hope she IS just a Gnome lady and never had wings in the first place- to be clipped!)

I DO know...she LOVES she has to be OK in my book!


Shh... Just between you and me... I think she has put on a few pounds since I first saw her in my garden! I would not want her to overhear this, though, so ...shh!!

 Junie Rose


 (From- July 2, 2007)

Today I took a walk into a part of the yard that is very much neglected- since we have been concentrating more on the back yard nearest the house. There's much needing attention in this part of the yard - but it will probably go undone- except for the occasional mowing of the grass (weeds) there! Still- there are things of interest to be found there. For one- my red Passion Flower vine is planted there. I hope to have blooms on it soon! It's a very unique flower!
  And I found -these!

No! I didn't see any Faeries, Trolls, Elves, or Gnomes... but that does not mean they were not there!

It seemed the perfect place for such creatures, to me!

Plenty of hiding places here among these flowers, too! 

I just had the feeling that little folk were watching me!

What do you think?

: )

Junie Rose 


  ( From-July 12, 2007)
Today I walked down our new stepping stone path and just as I was passing the herb garden I spied this new little fairy girl!

What a surprise - and I swear she looks just like one I had glimpsed in K-Mart...not more than an hour earlier!

Could it be she stowed away with our purchases in the pharmacy? Is my little herb garden becoming famous, or what! I DO wonder how the news of this special little spot reached this particular little fairy girl!

She had picked a place right in front of the lemon Balm, if I'm not mistaken!

I overheard the 2 fairies introducing themselves to each other...The newcomer is Silva and the older girl (which I had not known before) is Sari!

Jerome (the gnome) seems a bit standoffish with the new fairy girl, but that may change!

Is The General starting to wonder how he will keep control of his kingdom with all of these new little creatures moving in?

 'General' patrols the fairy/herb garden !

 Junie Rose


(Sept. 25, 2007) 

 Today as we walked out to go to the truck we spied a really spectacular sight in the front yard, on each side of the driveway! There were at least 30 of these mushrooms...I know nothing about them-( names-etc) except that they pop up just any where. They always make me think of fairies and gnomes and all those types of little creatures!

:) ( Several blog girls have had close encounters with some of these little folk this summer...myself included!)

...SOOOO- naturally, as I took some pictures I was ever watchful...hoping I might see a Fairy or a Gnome or an elf...Or even a bad old Troll! But - at mid-day they were not about!


After we returned home I again had a look at the mushroom patch!

To my great surprise...look who I saw lurking there!

 ( a very small Gator Fan!)


  (From: March 8, 2008)

Checking out the rose garden dismayed me! The weeds have taken over, as is not uncommon this time of year! Seems the weeds always get a head start on the flowers...and it becomes a major task to prepare the beds for pretty stuff!

...You see-here in North Florida our roses are mostly dormant during our coldest periods-not blooming but still growing long and straggly . The scrawny ones sometimes die- not from the cold but from my neglect, I guess! (I just lose interest when there's no blooms and forget to water and prune!)

I spied the 'Gnome Lady' again, as I have the past 2 seasons. She was, as usual, in one of my gazing balls...spying on my garden and taking pictures with her camera! I truly hope she doesn't have plans to turn me in to the Garden Society for neglect of my roses! She may even go so far as to try to prevent me from using 'ROSE' as part of my screen name! All I know for sure is that she did not look happy - viewing the condition of my rose garden! :(

I felt like telling this nosy little creature to mind her own business...and that her time might be better spent by getting herself in shape with our local Weight Watcher chapter...and let ME worry about getting my roses in shape!
( She does, indeed, seem to be getting chubbier each year-and looks to be in danger of getting stuck in the neck of that gazing ball! )
However, I resisted such a drastic approach, as, in fact, she may be an official garden patrol and can cause me untold grief...

I wouldn't want to be deprived of the use of 'Rose' as part of my name. And be stuck with something like
Junie Weed, or Junie of the Jungle!
Who knows what power this little lady in my gazing ball wields?


OK~ Today was an eye opener for me and I can kill 2 birds with one stone. ( so to speak)
I can take up this garden project of getting my roses in shape- thus- keeping the little Gnome lady off my case and at the same time I can combat my tendency to frequent spells of 'The Blues!' I will be too tired to think of anything else!

I HOPE she will notice my efforts!

I will report my progress, here on the blog!

( I wonder if she's into blog reading...or does she just spy on over grown gardens...that nosy...chubby little so and so...... )

My sweet old cat, Tiger, enjoyed the sunny day! Here he is, posed relaxing in the sun ...with a weed masquerading as a garden flower! (Soon to be replaced with REAL garden flowers!)

I don't think the Gnome Lady found anything to complain about with the Azaleas... How could she! :)

Junie ROSE



  (From April 3, 2008)

I DID manage to get in a little gardening today. I trimmed a few rose bushes and worked in the herb out and cutting back!
As I worked I noticed this really bad smell and it seemed worse as I pulled weeds and then brought up my gloved fist full of weeds to put in the can!
It smelled like....well.... like dog pee - something I know a little about , having had a life long association with dogs! (and you must forgive me the use of that word - not Ginga like at all - but it's the least offensive one I could come up with!)
Now- in my desire and haste to get into the gardening (well past due) I failed to pay much notice to the gloves I picked up to use from the back porch, as I started out! ...I worked for quite awhile with this overpowering smell, seemingly getting stronger, then at times dissipating a little as I worked. Finally, bending over to get a better grip on a stubborn weed, my head bent lower than in previous tries, my nose closer to my gloved dawned on me where this smell was coming from!

It was the gloves!

And of course, I had not been wrong in my identification of this smell!
( How could I be wrong with all these years of experience?)

In a flash I knew exactly what must have happened with these garden gloves!
My little ancient dog, 'Nighty' sleeps on the back porch... She's over 18 years old- Poor little old lady is almost totally blind and deaf...and just in a bad way - in ALL ways! Often - make that always - before I take her out in the mornings, she has messed up the porch floor. A daily, early morning, job is scrubbing and hosing out the porch!

Note on the doggie:

I know it's way past time...but I lack courage!
This was Zach's dog when he was a little boy! :(

I knew from the smell of those garden gloves they had been, at some point, dropped on the floor and been in contact with the dog's - wet mess! From the smell - they must have been saturated...and then had been left
absorbing this 'aroma' all winter! YUCK!!
I took the gloves off and sniffed my hand!

Oh, my!!
...OK- so my gardening was cut short but I HAD made a little bit of progress in the Herb/Fairy garden! This little Fairy girl looked pleased with my efforts.

I hope that bossy little Gnome Lady took notice of all my work! She probably had a good laugh about my smelly garden gloves!

For all I know she might have arranged this whole thing - just to be spiteful!! I don't trust her at all - always hiding out in my gazing balls with that camera of hers! I have seen her a few times but she has never been at all friendly...

Junie Rose


(From-April 23, 2008)

After our walk (today)we spent several hours working in the garden.

Charles got mulch for one smallish area-and we fixed that up with some of the new rose bushes we've bought recently!

Oh! And it's a good home for that 'Gator' I got for Charles! Look! I think he's heading for the fish pond!

I took on the job of cutting back all the roses that were worth saving...and pulling up the ones that were a lost cause! Sadly, I lost a lot from neglect the past few months!
(And-No wonder that little garden patrol 'Gnome Lady ' has been upset with me!!)

Well, I didn't see her around today...but I sort of avoided the gazing balls, lest she be lurking there with her camera again...recording my ineptness in the garden!

Oh!! I hope the 'Gator stepping stones' meet with her approval!
(Does that sound sarcastic?......Well, but it IS my rose garden, after all, and the Gnome Lady has become very judgmental of my gardening!)

Anyone (
(Even that Gnomie Chick) would have to say that I put in good day's work in the garden today. I managed to do all the clipping -Plus- I got all the roses fed! Soon it will be looking good out there!

lol- But I did it for ME!!

Junie Rose


 (From- June 24, 2008)

Of Fairies and such!

I visited Pea
at Pea's Corner and I found out that today is FAIRY DAY!

Please visit Pea to find out more!

Fairies seem to hang out at Pea's place a lot. I saw several while I was there today! I bet they are still there!

Do you like fairies? I do!

Get your free fairy name here!

~~~ Utt-ohh! Seems my Fairy is TROUBLE!
She must hang out with that mysterious little Gnome lady I have seen in my gazing balls.


(This is the info they give on my Fairy)

"Your fairy is called Tangle Saturnglow

She is a trouble maker.

She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen in the light of a full moon.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has delicate pale pink wings like a cicada."


I have no doubts of her being there among my tangled garden. Just last night I was out very late, with my camera - moon gazing- and got a glimpse of those pink wings. In a flash she was hidden from my view and all I was able to get for evidence was this little part of her wings on one side! However~ this picture speaks for itself; don't you agree? She's there!

I DO wonder what sort of trouble, 'Tangle Saturnglow' is likely to cause me!

I'll not worry before it's time, though!

Junie Rose


(From-July 24, 2009)

These mushrooms often pop up in the pasture where our cows graze.

One might hope for
- and even anticipate -
getting a glimpse of a fairy or two
around these fine toadstools...but I'm content
(for the moment, at least)
with this fine fellow!

What do you think ?


(From-Tuesday, October 13, 2009)

My friend, Pea,  had a big Faerie/Birthday party! 

 This little Faerie girl looks a lot like ME!  :)

OK - I cannot tell a lie...that IS me. Pea supplied costumes for all her guests and she had this special one for me!

In spite of my complaints of Gnomes, Faeries, Elves, Trolls-Little People etc-etc ...  fact is-I find them fascinating; don't you?

Pea said I could keep the wings!

So cool! :)

(From-May17, 2008)

Here's yours truly, Junie Rose...seemingly, in a fog!


Yah! I know~ I always am in a bit of a fog!

So goes the life of Junie Rose!





Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They say I'm an Orchid!




This from my FaceBook page! 

(I got 'em fooled!)     ;)


June Kellum LOL!!

Result: Orchid
You are one of those rare friends. You're fun, upbeat, intelligent and very giving of yourself. You have a lot of close friends and a lot more not so close friends that would love be more like you. People like you are far and few in between - don't ever change.

Junie Rose

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Monday, June 28, 2010

More and more (DEAD) lizard encounters


More of my past lizard experiences... a 'WRAP!'

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life at Junie's Place- May 10, '06


Some days more than others...some days you just have to 'Laugh Out Loud' at the absurdity of it all!
THIS DAY- or one little part of my day - was like that!

A few weeks ago, some of you may remember, I was having varmint trouble in my laundry room, with what I thought were mice.
What I caught in my mousetraps, though, was a lizard! I also had a couple of his buddies drown in my washing machine!

Very Yucky work - recovering little dead lizard bodies...

Today, as I was taking a wet load of towels out and putting them into the dryer, I was remembering this happening of a few weeks back. I was actually laughing, remembering the weirdness of the whole thing- from this safe distance; cushioned now by the time that has passed.

I pulled out the very last towel and there underneath it was...yep...another little dead and water bloated lizard! The whole thing seemed staged - as it was only after removing the very last piece of laundry that the lizard was revealed to me!

Once again I had to summon my gumption and recover the dead lizard body from my washer!

But - there IS always a bright side...well, maybe not for the lizard but for me! ☺
What if I had not found him before running him through the dryer too!! A stiff, toasted little body might have been worse-PLUS-more work in re-doing the laundry- both washing and drying!

Lol! You HAVE to look for the bright side of things! (It’s always there!)

Have included a picture for you!
Notice the missing tail? Yikes! Am wondering now if it somehow became detached during the fatal accident he had...It’s probably lodged somewhere in my washing machine...only to surface with my next load of clothes!

Oh, my!

Some pictures from my garden to balance things out! :)



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Day - Another Lizard!

Another Day in the tropics...another drowned lizard in my washing machine!

I will spare you the sight of this little dead thing-just a tiny baby, it was!

Very sad and I didn't have the heart to take a picture of the pitiful little thing!

Sooo...had to do the load of laundry among the items washed were dish and bath towels!
LOL- Had it been Charlie's work clothes I might have been tempted to just dry them and keep my silence!

(Would I do that?? ;) )

Tomorrow I plan to take drastic measures to rid myself of these little varmints who keep invading my space!
I'll bomb the whole area! Don’ worry- just an insect bomb! :)

Sorry - but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

The mousetraps that I used before should have told them I meant business!!

(It's a jungle out there- in here too!)


Monday, July 23, 2007


This happened again!

Some of you may remember my troubles of last year with the little lizards that get into my laundry room and ...sometimes... into my washing machine!
Last year on a few occasions I found drowned lizards in my wash. Not a fun thing to have happen-making it necessary to do the wash over! AND - disposing of the little dead body is not something I like doing either!

This is the first dead lizard encounter I have had in over a year...but now it's happened again!

THIS time I didn't find the little body until it had gone through the washer AND the clothes dryer...and after I had unloaded the whole machine...right down to the last few wash cloths!
( There he was , entangled in one of those good smell downy sheets!)

What a yucky sight that but I had my wits about me enough to get my camera and record the sad event! (just for you- my blog buddies!)

Last year's story is here .

...and here...

( and there were more!!)

I hope this won't be a regular happening around here again!!

Junie Rose

My country life!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Critter post- ( from April 4, 2006)


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...Of Lizards and Roses and Missing Mice

NOT one of my better days!!

This all started several nights ago when I went to put a load of laundry in. I got a glimpse of a small, brownish, thing as it scurried quickly out of sight under the washer! Being a country girl, and, indeed, just a girl with many years of experience-period, (country or otherwise!) I quickly determined it had to be a mouse!

As Charlie is fond of saying, "This ain't my first big job!!"

With that in mind I dug out my trusty little mouse traps! (Yes, I HAVE needed them before) I set them up with bits of cheese and carefully managed to push 2 of them to the side and toward the back of the machine! They were out of harm's way of the folks and dogs in the house, with a clothes basket guarding the front!

Every day I would check those traps but they remained undisturbed. I convinced myself the little mouse had just wandered in and most likely had wandered out again; had 'left the building!' LOL- I'm easily persuaded to look on the brighter side, whenever possible!

Today I happened to glance toward the traps and saw they had both been sprung! They were both upside down! I saw no fur...but something had gone for that cheese!

....meanwhile-back tracking a few days...

I discovered I had another kind of critter invasion in my laundry room-the little lizards that are just EVERYWHERE around here! Dozens are spotted everyday around the place...the garden the porch the driveway-garage-and now, my laundry room!
I have never had a fear or dislike of the little lizards so I paid little attention to them. Just transported them outdoors when I could and ignored them when I couldn't catch them!
However-twice in the past few days I've had to fish drowned, water filled, dead little lizard bodies out of my finished loads of laundry! Not fun!... Plus-I had to do the laundry over!!!

I have to assume they got there accidentally! Can't imagine a suicidial lizard choosing such a way to go! ...Jumping into a tub of scalding hot water and detergent and bleach...among dirty socks and underwear... not to mention the AGITATION!!
~~A Mystery!

...SOOO- back to today-
I got my broom and swept out the 2 traps...and this is what I found! The 2 traps had sprung-doing the job as you see it!! I'm sorry! :(

Still...I wonder about the mouse too- and I suppose I will have to reset some traps!
You do what you have to do!

After this ordeal I walked around the back yard...looked at my roses and spied several lizards!
This one was shy and wouldn't let me get a close-up of him!
Maybe word has spread already that I set a MEAN trap!


Just -
Another Tricky Day!