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Friday, August 20, 2010

About frogs...

 I saw a dead Bull Frog in my pond! I wonder how/why he died? :(  Yesterday he was at the bottom of the pond, just stretched out on his back with his long legs and arms he has floated to the top.

(I will spare you a pic of that one!!)

I asked C. to remove it yesterday but he hasn't yet complied!  Guess I'll have to fish the little dead body out myself!

 Oh, well~ I can do that!


Seeing the dead frog reminded me of another frog encounter I had in the past...

I've put part of that post here...

(because it IS a 'Junie Being Silly' sort of thing!)




Monday, May 22, 2006

The world through the eyes of Juniper Rose...

...and in the fish pond I got a good shot of a couple
of frogs at play!

Well, I THOUGHT at first they were playing a game of 'Leap Frog'
but after he didn't LEAP I realized I had stumbled into a more
intimate encounter!

Oh's not every day you have this opportunity...


One more weird thing I found in my yard the other day...

Note the FROG sprinkler with the hose attached! I was totally taken aback
when I started to move this Fake frog to my flower beds for watering
and saw this -very still- small frog just sitting there near the Frog sprinkler...
Turns out this little frog was DEAD... looked mummified!
I shot the scene just as I found it! :)

Oh,my! Do you think he may have mistaken that fake frog for one of his pond girls?

Could that be the reason he croaked?

A HARD way to go, Freddy!!

The whole thing just struck me as kinda funny!
Maybe I'm just weird!! ;) Ya think?


Never a dull moment at Junie's Place!



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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elf sighting


Recently in my back yard I happened upon this scene !  They were not at all shy and didn't seem to mind posing for me one little bit; even smiled for me~and waved!

As for the 'Gnome Lady',I have not seen her  at all this summer. I guess she has given up on my garden - deciding that it's a lost cause ~ and that's a sad but true assessment!

Junie Rose 

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Age-old questions.....

~ Some Weighty Questions~

If a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear,

did it really make a sound?


 ... and a more important question  than the above

(if you can grasp that possibility...)



If a lady writes a funny blog and no one comes to read it - is it , actually,  even  the least bit funny?

......What's more puzzling.....does it even exist?

And lastly ~ will this lady continue  in her silly endeavors?


Answers  to all the above:

Yes-Yes-Yes- and Yes!

(according to Junie Rose)

Junie ~ waiting for the fun times again!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010



From my FaceBook page~

  ;)     I wonder which of my names they're talking about!!


June Kellum hahaha!!!

Results: 90%
100% Sexy Proper hot name!!

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